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Maryland Career Development Association Awards 2023

 MCDA seeks nominations for the following awards: 

Click on the name of the award to download a Nomination Form.

Nomination Forms are also available in PDF format:

The MCDA Board may also nominate and present these additional awards:

  • MCDA President’s Award To recognize the person who has been the most helpful to the MCDA President during the current year.
  • MCDA Corporate Sponsorship Award To recognize an organization that has made a significant contribution to MCDA or related career services.

Guidelines and Application for Award Nomination

The nomination packet is not to exceed 250 words per demonstration statement and must be received via email by midnight on Monday, March 26, 2018. Nominees must be MCDA members or willing to become MCDA members. Executive Board Members of MCDA are ineligible to be nominated for an award. Nominees who were selected for an award in 2017 may not be nominated for an additional awards for purposes of equity. 

All nominations must be in a Word format and include the following:

  1. A completed nomination form
  2. Supporting information or letters of support that demonstrate how the Career Development Professional made a difference in the community. Submissions must include specific examples that demonstrate how each criterion is met as outlined in the award category.
  3. Please submit a copy of the nominee’s resume if possible.

Forward the completed nomination packet in Word format to the Chair of the Awards Committee at

Selection Criterion:

The Awards Committee will evaluate all nominations and make recommendations to the Officers of MCDA for approval.

Nominators will be notified of Awards Committee’s decision via email. Successful nominees will be invited to attend the Annual MCDA Conference where they will be recognized during the awards ceremony.

If you have question concerning the nomination process, please email the Awards Committee at

Maryland Career Development Association (MCDA), 915 Russell Ave, Suite B, Gaithersburg, MD 20879

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