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Upcoming events

    • January 17, 2018
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

    This skillbuilder has been approved for 1.5 NBCC Clock Hours.

    Computerized career guidance tools cannot replace career counselors, but they can be very useful. Research clearly shows that clients need accurate information to make wise decisions. A very important part of a counselor’s work is to provide guidance in finding and using information appropriately. This workshop will provide resources for computerized career assessment and information and provide techniques for using the information to guide clients to use the information wisely.

    Captionless Image Marilyn Maze, Ph.D., is an experienced presenter and developer of training materials who has  worked in education, non-profit, and, for-profit environments. She is a Principal of PsyCoun Consultants and the Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Career Development Association. She has organized the annual APCDA Conference since its inception, conducted numerous research projects on hot labor market and career counseling issues, and presented at international conferences. Marilyn received the President’s Award from NCDA in 2016, the NCDA Credentialing Commission Service Award in 2016, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Maryland Career Development Association in 2010. Dr. Maze formerly developed the ACT Profile (previously called DISCOVER).Contact information: Website: Phone: 410-592-5489

    Registrants will receive log-in information 24 hours prior to webinar.

    • February 06, 2018
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

    This skillbuilder does not meet the requirements for NBCC Clock Hours.

    LinkedIn has become much more than a career transition tool. When used properly LinkedIn is a powerful business tool. In this webinar, we will explore who should be using LinkedIn as a business tool as well as the three activities you need to execute on LinkedIn to create real business value. Attendees of this webinar will be exposed to ideas and best practices which when adopted can provide the framework for using LinkedIn as a business tool. Why should one attend this webinar?

    LinkedIn has been purchased by Microsoft not because it’s a social media fad, rather because it provides significant business value to those who learn to use it correctly. In today’s highly connected and social communities LinkedIn is a business tool that should not be ignored. Primarily in a business-business environment, however also in a business-consumer environment, ignoring LinkedIn today will move you further into catch up mode in the next few years. 

    Teddy Burris, Burris Consulting, is a Certified Social Media Strategist, LinkedIn Coach, Trainer and Keynote speaker. Teddy has been teaching the best practices and tactics of using LinkedIn as a business tool for 10 years now and each year the best practices and tactics change as this business tool changes. Teddy has been using Google Suite for his business since 2010. Teddy has helped numerous clients adopt and integrate Google Suite into their businesses, replacing older systems. Teddy is a Dale Carnegie Graduate Coach, Sandler Sales Trained Professional, Practiced Toastmaster and accomplished author. Teddy invests time each day experimenting with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other social media tools so he can then share with others and help them grow their business using social media. 

    Registrants will receive log-in information 24 hours prior to webinar.

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