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The Maryland Career Development Association is accepting advertising for its electronic newsletter. MCDA Newsletters are now produced monthly. For more information about timing, contact


Electronic Newsletter Space



Full Page



Half Page



Quarter Page





The MCDA Newsletter editor and MCDA’s board have the right to refuse any advertising that does not adhere to the size specifications, is in questionable taste, is not in support of MCDA’s career development mission, or is in conflict or competition with MCDA’s own events and activities. Advertising by MCDA members must be for their own businesses or services, not that of another organization.


All advertisements must be submitted electronically and must be camera ready.  They can be submitted as a Word document or a .PDF document.  For more information about formatting, send an email to the above address.

1/4 page is 2 1/8 x 11 inches or equivanet

1/2 page is 4 1/4 x 11 inches or equivalent

full page is 8 1/2 x 11 inches


Paying for an advertisement is just like registering for an event on the MCDA website.  You will be asked to complete a form, then given the option of sending a check or paying by credit card.  After completing the form to purchase the space, you will see a confirmation page with instructions for sending your advertisement to MCDA.  You will also receive instructions in the confirmation email.


Please remember that the Member prices are only available if are an active member and you log on to your account before you complete the form.  If you are a member and you are having trouble accessing your account, please send an email to


Click here to purchase space for your advertisement.


MCDA, c/o Lisa Oliver, P.O. Box 553, Mechanicsville, MD 20659
Make check or money order payable to MCDA

MCDA, c/o Lisa Oliver
P.O. Box 553
Mechanicsville, MD 20659
Make check or money order payable to MCDA

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