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The MCDA Wellspring March, 2013


President’s Message

By Paula Brand


Get an update on where MCDA is with this program year


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Crossword Puzzle Key


See the answers for the crossword puzzle in the last issue to test your knowledge of MCDA


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  • MCDA Conference - April 18th  & 19th
  • MACD/SERVC MAY EVENT – May 4th, 2013
  • Learn More About DiSC – May 21st 2013
  • NCDA CONFERENCE - July 8-10, 2013

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  • GCDF/GCDFi – classes
  • Discounted programs and services delivered through Intern Bridge
  • JibberJobber offers a free year of the premium level to MCDA members

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Board Meeting Minutes


Board meeting minutes are available for review


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 Feature Article by Barry Davis


Yahoo!, The Pareto Principle and the Careerist


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Members on the Move


Ellen Paquette Weaver, Lee Richmond,

Barbara Suddarth, Karol Taylor, Janet Wall,

China Wilson and Lakeisha Matthews are on the move!


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MCDA Nominations For Elections


Deadline – April 26, 2013


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MCDA Needs Your Help


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Article by Lynne Waymon


What's Your Networking IQ?


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MCDA Offers Online Classes for CEU’s


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Featured Technology


Social Jobs Partnership App on Facebook


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MCDA Survey Results


Thank you for your participation


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President's Message


Dear MCDA Members and Friends,

As we moving into spring, I hope 2013 is turning out to be a great year for you.  It’s hard to believe that the conference is just around the corner and that we are more than halfway through our program year.  By the time the next issue of this newsletter is published, it will be July and you will have a new President, Berri Wells.  I hope that you will continue to support MCDA and help make her year a successful one.

Thanks for all who responded to our recent survey.  We gathered very useful information that will be utilized for future planning.  We are now able to see what services and topics are most desired.   Our Membership Chair, Elda Schwartz was the person behind the idea and she has been contacting everyone who expressed an interest in getting more involved   Marilyn Maze provided a useful summary of the data.  Please see that article below for more details. 

Looking at the presidential goals set out for this year, some have been met and others are still in progress.  I will give a brief summary below and ask for your input and help in getting involved to help move MCDA forward

Conference - Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the early bird special!  We still need a few people to register to reach our goal of 100 attendees at this year’s conference.  We will be seeking your feedback on various aspects of the conference – did you like having it in April and avoiding those snow days in January?   Was the location hospitable and convenient?   Did you know that currently every incoming President has to decide where to hold the conference for the next year?   In fact, we have not held the conference at the same place two years in a row.  As you can imagine this creates a lot of work, beyond running the organization itself, and it would be much easier for future planning to establish a regular conference site.   In this regard, we have committed to holding our 2014 conference at the Columbia Doubletree the evening of April 24 and all day on Friday April 25, 2014. However, we have not committed to timing and locations beyond 2014, so your feedback will be important on this topic.

Increasing volunteers – Being an all-volunteer organization is challenging, especially in this day and age when everyone is overloaded with life.  However, if we don’t have volunteers, we can’t continue to operate effectively.  If you have an interest in getting more involved, please contact me so we can see where your talents best fit.  You can also go to our online brochure that provides more information on all of our committees.   http://data.memberclicks.com/site/macda/MCDA_Committee_Brochure.pdf

Increasing membership – We have gained new members but lost some former ones.   Our system does send out multiple renewal notices but sometime they go in people’s junk mail and technology is not always perfect.   Please check to see if your membership is outdated and renew.  Let us know if you have not gotten notice but would like to renew.   Also, let us know if you have not renewed because you were disappointed in MCDA and how we can work to improve and earn you back.  Please contact Elda at MCDA.Membership@MDCareers.org with these questions or comments. 

Communications –This year we have sent out quarterly issues of the MCDA Wellspring and will plan to continue this.  Receiving a newsletter was one of the top services people requested in the survey.  In terms of social media, we are working towards our goal to increase our numbers on all social media sites.  As of this writing, our stats are 266 LinkedIn group members.  221 Twitter followers and 49 Facebook likes (our survey results mirrored reality with a strong interest in our LinkedIn group and the least interest in connecting on Facebook).  Also, based on our survey, there was slightly more support for keeping our LinkedIn page open to all career professionals so we will continue to keep it that way for now. 

Programming –   Our survey showed a strong interest in networking events and this year we have focused on holding these types of in-person events.  We have had three Meet and Greets and will continue to have them on a regular basis but now they are called Third Thursdays.  These will offer a chance for members to get together and potential members to see what MCDA is all about.   The next one will be the evening of April 18th as part of our conference program.  If you have a topic to present or a meeting space to offer for a future Third Thursday or a contact hour workshop, please contact Berri Wells at MCDA.PElect@MDCareers.org

Collaboration – We continue to work with the Maryland Association of Counseling and Development (MACD) to support each other’s efforts.  Don’t forget that they are hosting Mark Savikas on May 4 (for more information, look under the Upcoming Events section).   The Mid-Atlantic Career Counseling Association (MACCA) and MCDA recently made an agreement to share information about each other’s conferences and Nancy Fink was designated as a liaison between our organizations.   Thanks for Jay Stewart of Maryland Works who helped publicize our conference online and in his newsletter.   Also, a partnership was solidified between Intern Bridge and MCDA, which will offer discount to MCDA members on their workshops and resources.  See the separate article below.

Strategic planning – This was not one of the goals I set out for this year but after serving MCDA the past few years, it seems obvious that some strategic planning would help our organization improve and grow.  I would like to throw out the idea of setting up a Strategic Planning Task Force to work on this.   Would you like to join me on this?  If you want to help MCDA continue and move forward in the coming years, please contact me at MCDA.President@MDCareers.org. 

As always, thank you for your support of MCDA.  Please send me any feedback on the ideas I have mentioned above.   I hope to see you in person at one of our spring events!

Paula Brand, GCDF, CPRW, JCTC

MCDA President 2012-2013


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MCDA Events


As you may know, we are holding our Annual Conference on the evening of Thursday, April 18 and all day on Friday, April 19, 2013 at the Doubletree Hotel in Columbia, Maryland. This year’s theme is “Navigating Maryland’s Workforce, Employers & Careers: A Sea of Opportunity.”  Thursday evening provides a banquet, a panel with prominent career professionals and two contact hours.  Friday starts off with a keynote by Rich Feller, LPC, PhD & NCDA President and provides up to five contact hours with an array of excellent topics and speakers.   For more information, go to our conference webpage:  http://www.mdcareers.org/2013-mcda-conference



MACD/SERVC is planning a Spirituality Workshop on Saturday, May 4th at Loyola’s Timonium Campus from 8:30 to 2:30.  The morning speaker will be Mark Savikas, who is nationally known for his contributions to the career development field.  The afternoon will offer additional sessions on using creative arts to enhance counseling efforts.  For more information, go to www.mdcounseling.org.



The National Career Development Association (NCDA) Annual Conference is holding its Annual Conference in Boston, MA this July 8-10.  This year is the 100th anniversary of NCDA and the theme is Creating Hope, Social Justice and Legacy.  Next year will be in CA so attend while it’s close.  For more details go to http://www.ncda.org/aws/NCDA/pt/sp/conference_home


Want to Learn More About DiSC?

Attend professional development, hands on workshop, where you will:

  • Complete the DiSC  Assessment  - the Preview Version
  • Learn How to Use DiSC with Your Clients, Co-workers and Customers
  • Earn CEU’s

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 9:00 am – Noon

Presented By:  Berri Wells, MS – Turning Point Solutions

Host Site:  Freedom Manor – Conference, Meeting and Training Facility

10905 Livingston Road, Ft. Washington, MD 20744


Continental Breakfast and Coffee Break Included

                                            Until May 3                         After May 3

Members                                  $80                                         $100

Non Members                           $100                                       $120

Student/Retiree                        $60                                         $80

Questions?Contact Berri Wells at MCDA.Pelect@mdcareers.org


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Board Meeting Minutes Available for Review


"Minutes from MCDA Board Meetings dating back to mid-2008 are available for review at http://www.mdcareers.org/bylaws--minutes. We strive to have minutes posted within two weeks of each meeting."


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Members on the Move


MCDA has some noteworthy members on the move this July!   We would like to recognize our members who are presenting at the National Career Development Association (NCDA) Annual Conference this year:  

Karen Chopra

Ellen Paquette Weaver,

Lee Richmond,

Barbara Suddarth,

Karol Taylor,

Janet Wall and

China Wilson

Many of these speakers are also presenting at MCDA in April so if you can’t make it to Boston, come see them in Columbia, MD.


Lakeisha Mathews has been promoted to Associate Director of Career Services at the University of Maryland University College where she oversees Employer Relations and Special Programs.  Lakeisha is also the recipient of a 2013 Professional Development Scholarship from the Maryland Career Consortium and will be studying to obtain her MBTI certification.

Lakeisha M. Mathews, CPCC, CPRW, GCDF, CFJST, CFCC

Associate Director, Career Services


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 MCDA Needs Your Help


MCDA needs your help! We are seeking a Webmaster and other volunteer positions

We are seeking a Webmaster!  If you possess good technical skills and would like to keep our website up to date, please let me know.   MCDA needs more volunteers on committees but also in Chair positions.  Every Committee welcomes new members.  If you are interested in joining or leading a committee, please contact Paula Brand at MCDA.President@MDCareers or Berri Wells at MCDA.PElect@MDCareers.org


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 Check Out MCDA’s Online Classes For CEU's


Greet spring while putting a spring in your step by adding to your skill set. MCDA has been offering online courses to put a bounce in your abilities and update your capabilities. The three online courses are Occupational Information for the Career Advisor, Hidden Gems, and Working in the Green Economy. Successful completion of these courses earns you CEU clock hours for your recertification and professional development. Sign up at www.mdcareers.org by clicking on “Professional Dev” and then select the course you want to take.  Keep watching our website and newsletter because we hope to offer you more of these types of professional development opportunities in the near future.


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How Well Do You Know MCDA?

   Answers to the MCDA Crossword Puzzle from our last issue








ACROSS                                                                       DOWN



Number of officers serving on MCDA’s executive board



Lynne Waymon wrote this column in MCDA’s October 2012 newsletter.



Committee which oversees the process of granting Contact Hours related to Continuing Education Units to participants. 



Last name of the Chair of the membership committee



Contact hours awarded to members participating in professional development opportunities.



An annual event sponsored by MCDA



The annual conference will be held in this season of 2013



Award given to the person who has been the most helpful to the MCDA President during the current year.



MCDA is a state division of this association



Award which recognizes a professional or organization that has found an innovative way to use technology in career counseling.





Last name of the Past President from 2010-2011



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Announcing New Benefits For MCDA Members


Are you a Member of MCDA who teaches GCDF/GCDFi classes?  If so, MCDA would like to hear from you.  We plan to add a page on our website listing GCDF/GCDFi classes offered by our members.  If you would like to be listed, please provide your name, e-mail, phone number, a brief description of your classes (locations held, how often, etc.) and a link to your website page listing the GCDF/GCDFi classes (if applicable).  Please send your information to MCDA.website@MDCareers.org.



Intern Bridge is pleased to announce its partnership with the Maryland Career Development Association (MCDA).

Through this partnership, MCDA members are entitled to discounted programs and services delivered through Intern Bridge.  

Intern Bridge is a content hub relating to all of the facets of college recruiting.  We provide the tools and resources necessary for employers to attract, recruit and retain the best and brightest talent, and for career services to maximize their effectiveness when working with students and employers.  It is our strong belief that all organizations can benefit from an effectively planned and properly structured internship and career services programs and Intern Bridge is committed to assisting employers and career services in facilitating a successful transition for the student from college to the world-of-work.

 Please visit this very special page dedicated to this new relationship - http://internbridge.com/mcda

 To take advantage of these discounts, please call us at 800.531.6091 or an email to info@internbridge.com.




Have you heard of JibberJobber.com?  As a career professional, you should get to know this website.  The site was created by Jason Alba after he was laid off in the IT field.  He used his technical expertise to create an excellent tool for job seekers, career professionals and people interested in managing their careers.  Besides offering a motivational blog and useful resources for job search, the main feature of JibberJobber offers a tool to organize and manage your contacts and networking activities.  The system allows you to track contacts, create reminders of when to follow up with someone and easily stay in touch with others. You can simply say this is a replacement to the archaic job search spreadsheet.  There are basic and premium levels of service.  Right now, Jason is offering a free year of the premium level to MCDA members.  To active this special, contact Lizbeth at lizbeth@jibberjobber.com and state that you are an MCDA member.



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Yahoo!, The Pareto Principle and the Careerist


Let’s start with Yahoo! Developed in 1994 by two electrical engineering PhD candidates at Stanford (David Filo and Jerry Yang), it was originally called "David's and Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web.” Not very catchy, so they came up with “Yahoo!” - easily remembered and, more importantly, they identified with the definition of a yahoo: "rude, unsophisticated, uncouth" (for data junkies like me, also the name of repulsive beings created by Jonathan Swift for his book Gulliver’s Travels).


The Yahoo name became an acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle,” eventually acquiring the interpretation “You Always Have Other Options” as well. To quote former Yahoo! employee Ellen Simonoff, "People worked hard and ran fast because they realized they always had to stay ahead of the competition, … In those days, you couldn't get your clothes on fast enough to get to work. And you couldn't find a spot in the employee parking lot on Saturdays."


Now, on to the Pareto Principle – also known as the 80–20 rule. Simply stated, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Once again, to satisfy the incurably curious among us (OK, me!), this rule came from business management consultant Joseph M. Juran, naming it after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who observed in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. Pareto developed the principle by observing that 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained 80% of the peas.


Now, to put these two diverse topics together. In their excellent book The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers, authors Citrin and Smith invoke what they call the “20/80 Principle of Performance.” In order to distinguish yourself, move beyond your assigned tasks (80%) to impact the organization at extraordinary levels (20%). Invest time going beyond your job description to grow as an individual and an employee.


When you do so, you continue to add value to your organization, enhance your professional development and create situations where you are able to contribute in new and significant ways.


And, if for any reason you and your organization decide to part ways in the future, “You Always Have Other Options.”

Well, DO you?!

Barry L. Davis, MS, CTC, MCDP, is Director of Career Services for LMA Consulting Group. Holding a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Millersville University, he is designated a Master Career Development Professional by the National Career Development Association. Over his 20+ year career, Barry has worked with thousands of people in diverse industries in dealing with the age-old question "What do I want to be when I grow up?", whether they are taking their first career steps or transitioning into a new field entirely.


Barry will be presenting at our Annual Conference on April 19th.  Come hear him share how you can increase your chances of being lucky.


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Nominations for Elections

Due date for nominations is 4/26/2013

Have you ever considered volunteering with MCDA or running for office? If so, now is the time. We are officially accepting nominations for the following positions:

President-Elect Click Here For Duties
Click Here For Duties
Click Here For Duties

These officers, together with the President and Past President, constitute the Officers of MCDA. In addition, there are numerous benefits and advantages that come with leading a state career development association (CDL) such as acquiring CEUs, professional development and networking opportunities with national leaders of NCDA and ACA. We urge you to join those of us who keep our organization moving forward.

Interested candidates should send the following documentation to the nominations committee at MCDA.ppresident@MDCareers.org.

In addition, if you would like to nominate a member, please forward their name, organization name, title and contact information (email and phone) to the Elections Committee at MCDA.ppresident@MDCareers.org and we will reach out to them.

All nominations must include:

· A professional resume of the proposed nominee.
· A letter from the nominee stating his or her willingness and ability to serve.
· When applicable, a letter from the nominee’s employer recognizing the time and resource commitment involved.

DEADLINE for Nominations: Friday, April 26, 2013

Find position descriptions on the MCDA website at www.mdcareers.org. All questions should be forward to Lakeisha Mathews, Past President, at MCDA.ppresident@MDCareers.org

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What's Your Networking IQ?

By Lynne Waymon

Ever wonder just how skilled a networker you are? Networking is like a Swiss Army Knife - it's used by lots of different kind of people to do many different things. Networking will help you (and your clients!) find a job, influence others, gather business intelligence, stay in the know, get the big picture, "fireproof" your career, get the most out of conference and meetings, and of course make your MCDA membership more worthwhile.

The Networking Competency Assessment measures networking skill in 8 Competency Areas:

  • Capitalize On Style,
  • Take A Strategic Approach,
  • Envision the Ideal Network,
  • Develop Relationships through 6 Stages of Trust,
  • Increase Social Acumen,
  • Showcase Your Expertise without bragging!),
  • Assess Opportunities, and
  • Deliver Value.

The Assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete on line and has been used by groups at eBay, the CIA, Lockheed Martin, KPMG, Kansas City Power & Light, Computer Science Corporation, and many others.

Lynne Waymon
CEO, Contacts Count LLC
301-589-8633 in Metro Washington, DC
Putting the tools of networking to work
in the service of business and career goals
Keynotes, training programs, workshops, webinars


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Social Jobs Partnership App on Facebook

Facebook isn’t just about tagging and friends and pictures anymore!

- The U.S. Department of Labor
- The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)
- DirectEmployers Association (DE) and the - National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) have partnered with Facebook to create ‘Social Jobs Partnership.’

The goal of this partnership is to “facilitate employment for America’s jobless through the use of social networks. “

In November of 2012 they launched the Social Jobs Partnership App which now features over 2,285,376 jobs, including veteran friendly jobs! Check it out and share the news!


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Survey Results

The recent MCDA survey was completed by 115 people, distributed as shown in the chart. We currently have 152 members, of which 52% completed the survey. Our membership database was used to supplement the survey data.

Where we live

The largest number of our members live in MontgomeryCounty,BaltimoreCounty,PrinceGeorgesCounty, orBaltimoreCity(in descending order)

Where we work

The largest numbers of our members work in colleges or in private practice, with all other settings falling far behind.

Who we work with

Most of us work with young or mature adults and college students.

Other associations to which we belong

Almost half of the respondents (both members and non-members) are members of NCDA, and MACCA and NACES/EACES are the next most common other associations.

Topics that interest us

We are interested in a wide variety of topics, but the top 5 are Career planning, Internet resources, Creativity in career counseling, Social networking, and Coaching versus career counseling.

MCDA website

Most of us visit the MCDA website a few times a year, but our database tells us that only 71% of our members have logged on in the last year. Less than half of our members have bothered to share a photo of themselves. Clearly, the networking potential of our membership database is not being fully utilized.

Social Media Connections

Less than half or our members are connected to MCDA on social media, but those that are, strongly prefer LinkedIn. We are split almost evenly on whether to restrict our LinkedIn group to members only or invite everyone to join, as we now do.

What we like about MCDA

Our favorite MCDA features are Networking with other career professionals, Face-to-face professional development opportunities, CEU's, and Annual Conference. The most important improvement would be to provide a wider variety of professional development topics.

Are we willing to get more involved?

Twenty-five members volunteered to get more involved, and a few non-members also volunteered.

This survey has raised as many questions as it answered. For example, our Membership Committee wants to know why 19 people left, why so many NCDA members in Maryland responded but have not joined MCDA, and why only 37 respondents plan to attend the Annual Conference, which is high on our list of what we like about MCDA. It looks like many of the wishes of the respondents could be met if we had more energy – and luckily we also had a large number of volunteers who are willing to put more energy into MCDA. Hopefully, we will be able to utilize our newly identified sources of energy to provide even better services through MCDA.

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MCDA, c/o Lisa Oliver, P.O. Box 553, Mechanicsville, MD 20659
Make check or money order payable to MCDA
Email:  MCDA.Info@MDCareers.org

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